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My first job in a government photographic department at RAE Bedford which filmed research activity for the Fleet Air Arm was exciting.
I assisted the photographers with high speed cine learning useful skills including handling unexposed 35mm film rolls, loading 35mm magazines and 16mm & 35mm film processing equipment. This job also enabled the start of my education as a professional photographer.
I had already started directing corporate videos when I left Unilever. My very first freelance project won a BISFA prize and an ITVA Award but I preferred camerawork and freelanced at Channel 4 when it started. A family friend who admired my photography invited me to do camerawork for him. I did some of my best early location camerawork for Keith Ewart including television series for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4.
At another photographic department also doing filming, Unilever Research enabled me to continue photographic studies before graduating to documentary filming and then television production on the pretext of applying it to consumer reasearch. I was grateful to be given the chance to shoot films so when I applied and was lucky to get an interview for the National Film School I could take a good showreel.
Post Graduate Educational TV
Post Graduate Documentary Filming
Photographic Colour Printing
Portrait lighting and photography
IIP Final - Industrial & Commercial
IIP intermediate photography
Other training
ImageWorks 3D Boot Camp
Panasonic P2 course
Panavision camera technology
Kodak Film Academy
BECTU News assignment safety
GTC safety refresher workshop
Kodak Super 16mm film course
FRPS Cinematography
FBIPP Motion Picture,
ARPS Motion Picture,
ABIPP Industrial & Commercial,
ARPS Scientific Photography